About the Hollow City Chronicles

This website was constructed as an on-line platform for showcasing the work of West Australian visual artists whose work extends into the filmic realm. While the majority of the artist's in this first edition work mostly with object-based art, such as paintings, drawings and sculpture, a few have already ventured into the medium of the moving picture on previous projects.

Using a variety of techniques and mediums, from photo-montage and video to stop-motion and computer generated animation, this group of short films illustrates the diversity of art and ideas that emanate from this relatively isolated part of the world.

The aim is to keep adding instalments to the ongoing Chronicles, whether on a bi-yearly basis, or regular uploading as material (and funding) becomes available.

It is hoped that artists working in all mediums and disciplines will cross-pollinate ideas and collaborate with one another to make short films that utilise a diversity of artistic skills in order to tell stories.